You might recognize our feeling and position with regard to investing money. “We want the money to work for us, getting significant return on it. But we don’t want to take irresponsible risks. Moreover, we do not plan to trade money on a daily basis, which would require too much of our time.”

Quite a challenge, isn’t it? Yes, but we dived into it, and found multiple possibilities to achieve our ambition mentioned above. The world of finance is at the verge of revolution and disruption. The world of cryptocurrencies, for example, is in full explosion. Yes, we know, this world is mostly associated with Bitcoin, risky speculation, and even with the ‘far west’. And though there’s a truth in that, when digging behind this layer of first impression, you can find multiple opportunities that go far beyond pure speculation.

In essence, what’s this financial revolution about?
The driving force behind the whole transition is blockchain, being the most revolutionary technology since the rise of the internet. Related to finance, blockchain technology makes it possible to execute fast and secure financial transactions, between whatever two entities or persons, without the need of an intermediary (e.g. a bank) acting as trusted authority. Bitcoin is the most known digital currency utilizing blockchain technology. But, meanwhile, there are many other digital currencies, applications and resulting opportunities. The so called ‘decentralised finance’ opens wide access to financial opportunities, fully digital, and without financial intermediaries such as banks. Digital currencies cannot only be traded, they can also be staked, they can be lent, offering a yield being far above the impossible in traditional financial markets. And, what’s more, also on non-speculative digital currencies (the so-called ‘stablecoins’, of which the value is tied to another asset, such as U.S. Dollar), you can get high yield, without the risk of fluctuating prices/rates. This is the equivalent of fiat currency, but with way higher returns on it, over 10% yearly.

So far only a few examples, but there’s much more out there. And we made it our mission to inform you, non-financial experts, on possibilities to get significant financial returns, while limiting effort and risk. We’ll show how we benefit from these opportunities, to improve our financial situation.
This might inspire you, we hope so. Having a background in education, inspiring others is how we get satisfaction. But we are not financial advisers, so please do not consider content on this website and on other Yinto-channels as financial advice. With regard to your personal finance, it is important that you do your own research and take your own decisions. We wish you a rewarding journey!